Medical role in partnerships based on Fostering.

By Irene Atigas

I have the great honour of having been invited to join the IE4 Lab family in order to create and lead the scientific engine of the laboratory. The essence of this undertaking, nourished as much by my expertise as that of all my colleagues, permits us the possibility of offering our partners a model that goes beyond Fostering, with rigorous and up-to-date science being a key pillar.

Science and Fostering? That’s right, what marks IE4 Lab out from other companies is that we offer our partners specialized co-promotion in the Central Nervous System at zero cost, since the client only pays for success based on an incremental sales increase. However, in addition to this, we add our Scientific Fostering approach as the central axis of our proposal: scientific credibility based on our solid scientific background, providing value even before we start promoting the product, while fostering an image and culture of scientific rigour through all our activities.

We are an experienced team with in-depth knowledge in the field of neuroscience, having developed, with outstanding proven results, a long-term professional and emotional commitment with healthcare professionals, patient associations and scientific societies at both national and international level.

We are aware that the push required by the partner often goes far beyond simple promotional and commercial pressure.

Our team is not only focused on the actual period of the collaboration, but we also bring historical knowledge, continuously updating our training and knowledge to remain references in the sector.

The fact of being experts in the therapeutic area of the products that we promote allows us to connect the scientific and clinical findings with the actual results for the patient. This adds value to each stage of product marketing, taking advantage of the best opportunities, obtaining valuable information from the most influential sources and contributing to the formation of the most efficient strategies to ensure the best application of our products for use by patients.

IE4 Lab is the ideal partner nationwide in the Central Nervous System both for the launch and the relaunch and extension of the life cycle of treatments which significantly improve the quality of life of patients; even after the patent expires. We provide flexibility, agility and resilience, resulting in a capacity for manoeuvre much more dynamic and personalized than the usual partnership models

We are different

We have a very flat organizational chart with relationship models that go beyond the roles and departments of traditional laboratories.

I learn from a diverse and global medical team as every member of the company has a role to play and is committed to growing together.

The scientific engine we have built and continue to refine and update is based on multi-dimensional communication between national and international health professionals, partners, market analysis sources, training forums and, of course, the IE4 Lab team.

This undertaking is possible thanks to the culture of trust, transparency and collaboration that we offer and the value we give to the scientific development of the team, the services and the portfolio of the company.

The wider scientific development of IE4 Lab has only just begun. Acquiring and developing talent, we have the vision of building a strong and multifaceted organization, which will be diversified into other therapeutic disciplines by encompassing the necessary competencies to navigate the future health landscape.

My vision is to look beyond, connect the therapeutic areas in which we have experience, and expand a portfolio of products, services and people focused on innovative areas of research and development, addressing the patient in a holistic and personalized way.

The road map is already in place and, proactively, we are:

Identifying and establishing commitment with laboratories and R+D centres centres.

Expanding our interaction with health professionals and influential actors in the early clinical development of new therapies

Promoting a patient-centered focus through the participation and interaction of new actors.

• Identifying new communication channels.

Our passion is to enjoy every moment of growing together. We all feel ourselves to be entrepreneurs building this exciting enterprise together and it is this contagious attitude of IE4 Lab which fulfils us both professionally and personally:

There is everything to do, and nothing is impossible.

This said, we are clear that we have embarked on this journey because we are demanding of ourselves and we want to bring scientific rigour to our interlocutors, and to do so as a whole team together.

For this reason, it is essential to do so in a context of medium-long-term strategic and business-focused mentality, growing in a controlled and proportional way to demonstrate the success of our results.

My ambition is to demonstrate how all this will reinforce and consolidate our competitive advantage. How Scientific Fostering and personalized Scientific Development with a clear vision of new areas in research and development, will result in greater success and results for our partners and a much higher quality  in the global therapeutic approach for patients.

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